Sample applications


This sample app shows a profile page of an individual in a family tree. It displays the individual's profile photo, name, events, photos, notes and immediate family members. Each photo may be clicked to display the full photo. Click the "Show faces" link to view all faces where this individual is tagged (see Faces Sample App). Click any family member to view his or her profile in the sample app.

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This sample app shows all the faces of a person as tagged in photos.

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This sample app lists all the sites that the current user is a member of.

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This sample app shows a simple family tree. The family tree displays one individual, spouse(s) and children, parents and siblings. Click any of the relatives to see their family tree.

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Object Browser

A generic application that allows you to easily browse the JSON that is returned by API calls.

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More usage examples

Here are some additional examples of how the Family Graph API can be used:

  • A genealogy website can use the Family Graph API to create data bridges between and family history products, databases or websites. For example, any other website that receives or hosts family trees can quickly upload them to, receive Smart Matches™ from via the API and suggest them to its users for free, for great value to end users.
  • Companies can mash up the Family Graph API with other APIs provided by other services to create new valuable services for users. For example, a Website can pull information from a family tree with the user's consent and provide visual information about it on a map, printed reports, or research tips applicable to the user. Applications can be written to help users geo-tag their photos that are found on
  • An e-commerce Website can use the Family Graph API to find if the current user who is logged in to has upcoming birthdays of close family relatives, and if so, allow the one-click purchase of personalized gifts or greeting cards for them, most suitable to the age, gender and relationship of those people to the current user. Any website can quickly family-enable itself using the Family Graph API.
  • A website interested in taking advantage of the powerful face recognition technology on can use the Family Graph API to submit photographs and quickly obtain face detection or face recognition results on those photographs based on the information collected on, for free.
  • A photo Website can use the Family Graph API to find if the current user has close family members who are also signed up on the same service (e.g., and if so provide convenient links to view their photo albums. Previously members were not aware of where photos of their family members might be. The Family Graph API also makes it easy to import photos from MyHeritage or export them into MyHeritage.
  • The Family Graph API can be used to build a mobile version of for any mobile device or smart phone with Internet connectivity.
  • Companies can use the Family Graph API to allow to perform services for them, for example the conversion of family tree files in native formats such a Family Tree Maker FTW/FTM/FTMB to GEDCOM.
  • A company wishing to develop an enhancement product for users, such as printing of family tree charts, or provision of printed physical products based on photographs, such as calendars, t-shirts or mugs, can use the Family Graph API to allow a user to select photos or other data from his/her family tree data for printing and then use them to generate the printed products.